Hypnosis Horizons, Inc. - Yes You Can Change Your Life!

Our basic fee is $85 a session. When you purchase 3 sessions in advance the fee is $225 reducing the cost to $75 per session. 

Do you have an issue that you share with your friends?  Tired of smoking?  A bit over weight?  Too much stress?  Curious about Hypnosis?
Find four friends, plus yourself, to create a group.  The initiating person comes free, the four friends pay the following total amount:
Smoking - 2 sessions - $170
Weight Control -
3 sessions - $225; 5 sessions - $400
Have an issue in common with your friends?   Call us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Create your group, call us for available dates.

We hope that you take advantage of these savings and use them to support your ongoing personal unfoldment.